10 Colourful Alternatives to a Plain White Bathroom

If you’re thinking of refreshing your bathroom, why not ditch the plain white background and consider adding some much-needed pops of colour? A white bathroom has its obvious benefits – it looks clean and brighter with bigger windows – but at the same time also risks feeling dull and monotonous. By injecting some interesting hues into your powder room, you can create a space that is both visually captivating and serves as an escape from life’s everyday hustle. We know that choosing the right colours for such a wet area isn’t always easy, so today, we will help you by introducing ten vibrant alternatives to an all-white bathroom!

1. Try emerald green metro tiles

emerald green metro tiles inside a bathroom

Emerald green metro tiles are a great bathroom colour idea for those looking for something special. They bring an unexpected touch of luxury and chicness to a bathroom, creating a look that is both timeless and modern. For bathroom inspiration, consider pairing emerald green with earthy tones such as soft browns and beiges to create a tranquil yet colourful bathroom.


To really make the most of emerald metro tiles, consider further stylising them with marble accents or gold accessories to give your bathroom an upmarket feel.

2. Create contrast with black flooring

white ceramic sink with black flooring inside a bathroom

Consider starting with a black floor if you’re looking for bathroom colour ideas to create a luxurious bathroom oasis. Contrasting colours can turn this often ignored bathroom space into a dynamic and stylish room, while the darkness of the flooring creates an inviting sense of cosiness. Black bathroom flooring brings confidence and boldness to your bathroom design without too much effort.

If you’d rather keep your bathroom furniture white (we get it – it looks clean!), black flooring will add an extra layer of interest that doesn’t look overly stuffy or drab. So there’s no need to remove your claw-foot bathtub, your Sauben smart toilet or your shower fittings – simply swap out your flooring for instant impact without the headache.

3. Use a patterned tile

white ceramic toilet bowl on patterned bathroom tile

Patterned tiles are a great choice for bathroom colour ideas and bathroom inspiration. They can instantly brighten up even the smallest bathrooms, making them appear larger and more inviting. With various unique designs and colours to choose from, you can create an eye-catching bathroom that will be sure to draw attention wherever it appears.

4. Add plants to inject colour into the space

white bathroom surrounded by plants

Plants are a great way to introduce colour into a bathroom, adding vibrancy to the bathroom interior. Not only do plants offer visual appeal with the variation in foliage textures and sizes, but there are also a number of other benefits, such as air purification.


Some studies have shown that having plants around can even help reduce stress! With bathroom inspiration on hand from many amazing interior design blogs and Instagram accounts, it is easier than ever to feel inspired to embrace vibrant plant life. Whether you’re looking for bold shades of green or prefer subtle lavenders and whites, why not explore how adding plants can create the perfect colourful bathroom?

5. Choose a detailed marble for your walls and floors

a bathroom with detailed marble walls and floors

Marble can be one of the most luxurious bathroom choices. With its beautiful veined patterns and dazzling shine, marble gives any bathroom a sophisticated atmosphere. Marble is available in a wide range of colours and tones, making it the perfect choice for modern homes, as you have various options to choose from wherever your design preferences lie.

Whether you are looking to create a classic bathroom with light marble shades or turn your bathroom into a colourful paradise with bolder hues, detailed marble ensures that all your bathroom dreams come to life. Plus, it will also ensure that your bathroom looks chic and amazing for many years.

6. Use wood for natural texture and pattern

a modern bathroom interior with a wooden pattern and panoramic window

Wood is a great addition to any bathroom for adding natural texture and pattern. It can provide warmth and bring a rustic and modern bathroom design together. Many bathroom colours work with wood, such as whites, greys, blues, yellows, pinks and even purples! Why not try incorporating wooden bathroom accessories if you’re stuck for bathroom inspiration?

7. Be playful with primary colours

a colourful bathroom with yellow wall and red cabinet

Incorporating bright, primary colours into bathroom décor is a simple yet impactful way to create a bathroom space that is fun and inspiring. Primary colour combinations are an easy and effective bathroom colour choice as the basic colours look great on their own and with each other. They provide bathroom colour ideas that are visually entertaining without being too overwhelming or chaotic.

8. Use blue for a coastal theme

a blue-themed bathroom for a coastal theme

When it comes to bathroom colour ideas, blue can be the perfect choice for a coastal bathroom theme. Not only does blue evoke thoughts of seaside vibes, but it is also inviting and calming. From deep navy blues to airy sky blues, the colour can easily be combined with other natural bathroom elements such as light wood pieces or even sand-inspired accents to bring that nautical feel into the bathroom.


Blue doesn’t have to be limited to walls either; consider incorporating blue in other bathroom fixtures, such as framed mirrors or patterned tile to give your bathroom a colourful twist. Whether you choose a light or dark shade of blue, adding this hue throughout your bathroom allows the room to become a tranquil oasis inspired by beautiful sea views.

9. Add brass, gold or copper details

a modern bathroom with a golden touch

When brainstorming bathroom colour ideas, we often turn to subtle shades to create a serene atmosphere. Why not try bolder possibilities? Bringing brass, gold or copper accents brings an unexpected touch of glamour to any bathroom setting and instantly elevates your inspiration. From door knobs and towel racks, consoles and taps to mirror frames and lighting fixtures, these metals offer an instant refresh that can be adjusted to fit any style.


If daring combinations are your thing, don’t hesitate to mix different decorative elements in your bathroom and make it a statement piece in the house! Coloured bathrooms are one of the best ways to add a bit of oomph without taking away too much from the functionality of the space.

10. Embrace the drama with black floors and walls

a bathroom interior with black floors and walls

Black floors and walls are often overlooked in favour of pale blues or whites. But embracing the drama and opting for this moody palette can make for a sleek, modern and effortlessly chic bathroom. Black floors instantly add a layer of sophistication to a bathroom which is maximised when paired with black walls.

In addition, you can break up the palette with accessories like towels and plants for bathroom inspiration – think bright white layered with gold and greens to create an eclectic but stylish bathroom.


A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house because it is where we start and end our days. We hope that these ten colourful alternatives to a plain white bathroom have inspired you to add a little personality to your space. Do you have any other tips for brightening up a bathroom? Share them with us in the comments below!

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