13 Essential Considerations for Designing a Guest Bedroom

Are you looking for ways to create a guest bedroom oasis? Whether it’s your first go at designing a space or you’ve done it plenty of times before, the key is to come up with a plan that suits your needs and style while also ensuring that guests feel comfortable and welcome. We all know how important this room is — after all, as they say, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. That’s why this blog post covers all of the important elements that should be taken into consideration when creating the perfect guest bedroom. From practical decisions like accessorising and leaving extra storage space for visitors to aesthetic changes such as selecting calming colours and inviting accessories – read on for 13 essential considerations for designing a guest bedroom!

1. Opt for a neutral colour palette

Big bedroom with bed, pillows, rugs and furniture

When designing a guest bedroom, consider creating a neutral colour palette. Depending on the decorating style of your home and the look you would like to achieve in the guest bedroom, subtle shades such as whites, creams, greys, taupes and pale blues can be used to create a soothing environment. Not only are these colours timeless and versatile but they also allow guests to bring their own accessories with them if they wish. Additionally, neutral tones will ensure that the guest room is aesthetically pleasing for future guests and you won’t need to redesign it each time someone stays. With this approach to guest bedroom design, you can guarantee your guests a warm welcome without diverting too much from your overall decorating style.

2. Use symmetry

Creating an inviting guest bedroom does not have to be difficult. Using symmetry, you can create a pleasing atmosphere that is sure to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Start by finding a focus point like the bed, couch, or window and create symmetrical patterns around it. Utilising a colour palette of two or three complementary colours helps create visual harmony that enhances the symmetry in the design and gives your guest room an added level of sophistication. Finally, furniture placement is key; place pieces of furniture off-centre with two small items on either side to further emphasise the symmetry in your design.

3. Install fitted carpet so it’s comfortable underfoot

guest bedroom with bed and carpet

Key to designing a guest bedroom is comfort. Installing fitted carpets can be an effective way to make your guest room more comfortable, adding warmth and softness underfoot. This is especially true when compared to wood or tile flooring, making a much more restful environment for overnight visitors. It’s best to stick with neutral colours for your carpet and opt for a style that isn’t too busy.

4. Add rugs to layer

Guest bedrooms present a unique design challenge. While they need to appear inviting and comfortable, there’s often a limit as to how much time and money can be spent on making them look beautiful. One of the best ways to increase the visual interest in any guest bedroom is by layering rugs. Whether you mix different colours, materials or sizes, this strategy will give your guest room more depth and personality without breaking the bank.

5. Use artwork to add pops of colour

 Famed plant painting over a wooden table

Adding pops of colour with artwork can be a fun and easy way to make the space feel cheery and inviting. Whether you’re looking for traditional paintings or unique prints, artwork can be used to bring a splash of personality into the guest room. Adding wall art in complementary colours or even framing materials like fabric and ribbon can create an eye-catching aesthetic for your guests. With so many artistic designs available, using artwork is an excellent way to add interesting colour combinations and texture to your guest bedroom design.

6. Provide a space for guests to store luggage

When designing a guest bedroom, it’s crucial to incorporate storage solutions that not only provide ample space for luggage but also complement the overall interior design style of the room. A stylish closet with hangers and shelves for folded items can be a great addition to a guest bedroom with a traditional or classic design style. For a more contemporary or minimalist look, an area for suitcases or sleek hooks for hanging bags and coats may be a better fit. By choosing storage solutions that align with your chosen interior design style, you can create a cohesive and inviting space for your guests.


Providing ample storage solutions makes your guests feel more at ease during their stay, as they won’t have to worry about where to put their things. If you don’t have excess closet space, consider adding open shelves or bins that can be easily tucked away when not in use. Additionally, putting labels on drawers and closets helps make things easier to find during their stay. Ultimately, finding clever ways to provide storage solutions that work best for your guest room design makes everyone’s experience smoother and more enjoyable.

7. Make use of smart storage options

 Clothes Hung on White Wooden Cabinet

One of the greatest challenges faced when designing a guest bedroom is finding the space for storage. Smart storage options, such as shelving units and under-bed storage, can easily help you maximise your space without compromising on its look. When decorating your guest bedroom, seek out versatile storage solutions that also bring character into the room; think brightly patterned baskets or interesting hardware for hanging rods and shelves. With a few practical and stylish solutions, you’re sure to create an inviting retreat for those who visit.

8. Avoid too much clutter

To create an inviting atmosphere, it’s best to avoid too much clutter in the guest room design. Too many accessories and objects can lead to distraction and make a space feel smaller than it is. As such, opt for softer colours like lavender and blue as your main palette with minimalistic pieces of furniture like a dresser, bed frame, side tables, and wall decorations. When paired with some decorative plants or lighting features placed strategically around the guest bedroom, you can easily achieve the desired look. Ultimately, by avoiding too much clutter in your guest bedroom ideas and designs, you’ll be able to curate the perfect space for your visitors to enjoy!

9. Choose a mattress suitable for most people

With the right mattress in place, you can create a cosy, comfortable space with ease. When choosing the perfect mattress for your guests, it’s important to consider their individual needs. Memory foam is an excellent option as it supports different body shapes and sleeping positions without sacrificing comfort. Plus, investing in a quality memory foam mattress ensures that your guests receive the best night’s sleep possible while they’re visiting. With careful consideration towards a mattress that suits most people, you can make sure your guest bedroom design will provide comfort and satisfaction for all visitors.

10. Cater for kids

When it comes to designing a guest bedroom, catering for kids doesn’t have to be complicated. Utilising playful colours and fun décor can create your desired atmosphere and stay within a tight budget. Guest bedrooms should feel like a safe, comfortable sanctuary and should provide enough space for the kids to explore. Incorporating interesting rugs, unique lighting fixtures and inspiring art can help children feel at home, while clever storage solutions make it easy to stay organised when they come with bags of toys!

11. Use diffusers to add scent

Person Putting Essential Oils into a Diffuser

Whether you want to make your guest bedroom design complete or just want a light, natural scent to add to the ambience, using diffusers is an ideal solution. Not only do these devices provide a calming aroma throughout the room but they can also be beneficial for those with allergies who don’t like strong fragrances. There are many essential oil diffusers on the market today so you can easily find one that will fit your interior’s style. And because they’re so simple and easy to use, adding a diffuser as part of your guest room décor could be just what you need to give it that extra special touch.

12. Include some guest towels

When it comes to preparing a spare room for guests, an often overlooked but important task is to provide a set of guest towels. Having guest towels available for visitors allows for an extra level of hospitality, and is an easy way to spruce up any guest room. Not only do towels give the room a tidier appearance, but having this amenity readily available also makes your guest’s stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

13. Add a vanity table or desk

An important furniture piece to consider is a vanity table or desk. Having this in the room provides a practical place for your guests to freshen up or get ready during their stay. Plus, adding this extra piece gives you the opportunity to express your own personal style, such as incorporating a vintage-inspired dresser set with a classic mirror or bringing modern flair with a sleek white wooden design. Regardless of which look you go for, adding a vanity table or desk can really make all of the difference when it comes to transforming your guest bedroom.


After considering all of the important guest room ideas, it’s time to make your own creative design decisions that will bring your room to life. Whether you go with a modern, classic, or eclectic design style, add personal touches and don’t forget the details. With enough thought, space for whatever storage capacity you need and creating a feeling like in a high-end 5-star hotel experience, you can create the ultimate guest bedroom that both you and your visitors can enjoy. Give it a try today!

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