10+ Interior Design Styles to Embrace in 2023 (& Beyond)

Every year brings a new set of interior design trends, and the upcoming year of 2023 is sure to be no exception! Whether you’re looking for something modern and sleek or cosy and romantic, finding the right match for your home can often feel like an overwhelming task. But whether you’re planning on redecorating or just adding a few pieces around the house, there are plenty of interior design styles to choose from that are sure to make your space look great in 2023 & beyond – from classic traditional decor to futuristic Bauhaus minimalism. Read on for our list of 11 popular design styles that will help bring out your creative side this season!

1. Biophilic design

an interior with biophilic design

Biophilic design, the practice of connecting people with nature and creating buildings that include nature in the structure, is rapidly becoming a popular trend among forward-thinking architects and interior designers. It is believed that this practice will exponentially grow over the next few years and become an even bigger aspect of modern design in 2023 and beyond. At its core, the biophilic design incorporates natural elements into buildings or living spaces to create a more harmonious environment for occupants.


From windows overlooking lush gardens to walls covered in bright, inviting plants, biophilic design helps to bring people and nature closer together. Research supports the idea that this kind of relationship has a profoundly positive impact on our mental health and wellness by increasing relaxation, reducing stress levels, and promoting productivity. As such, it is no wonder why many are tipping biophilic design to be a defining factor of future homes and workplaces going into 2023 and beyond.

2. Japandi

The upcoming design trend of Japandi will become increasingly popular in 2023 and beyond. This synthesis between Japanese and Scandinavian modern minimalist designs offers something fresh yet timeless, with a focus on simplicity, organic materials and muted colours. Its look is subtly refined, mixing elements from both styles but keeping a clutter-free environment for balance. Its authenticity lies in its ability to create a space full of life yet remain cosy and comfortable.


The beauty of Japandi lies in its capability to stay away from generic designs by making the most out of natural materials without overselling itself to make it look ornate or high-end. If you are looking for ways to freshen up your home in 2023, embracing Japandi interior design might just be the perfect solution!

3. Organic modern

Organic modern interior design is a significant trend to look out for in 2023 and beyond. It combines traditional design elements with a modern sensibility, creating an appealing hybrid aesthetic that can give any space an updated look. By adding natural materials such as wood and stone, organic modern interiors ensure that the home or business conveys a sense of cosiness and efficiency.

In addition to incorporating sustainable items into the decor, many organic modern designs strive to evoke the feeling of being surrounded by nature. With this style of interior design gaining in popularity, it will be exciting to see how homeowners, businesses, and designers make use of organic modern elements in their unique ways!

4. Eclectic antique

Eclectic antique interior design is making a comeback for 2023 and beyond, giving people the opportunity to bring a unique and stylish flair to any living space. By blending different colours and styles of furniture, artwork, décor items, rugs, and more, one can create an atmosphere that pays homage to their personal past while fitting in with any contemporary motif. The eclectic antique decor is particularly great for those who want to lend a classic feel to their home without sacrificing modernity. It’s the perfect juxtaposition of comfort and elegance – something anyone can strive for. From chic armchairs to vintage art pieces, there’s always room to incorporate an eclectic antique design touch into any home today.

5. Dark academia

Dark academia interior design is a unique and interesting way to spruce up your home in 2023 and beyond. With an aesthetic of dim lighting, vintage wallpapers, rich woods, and book-filled shelves, it creates a cosy yet sophisticated atmosphere that makes any space seem like a secret library or literary manor. It’s perfect for lovers of literature or the arts, giving off an air of antique charm while adding interest and comfort with its carefully curated items.

Whether you want to go all-out with pendant lights and velvet armchairs or just add a touch of dark academia here and there with some botanical art prints and vases, this style is sure to enliven your interiors in the years ahead.

6. Refined luxury

an interior based on refined luxury

2022 was the year for home renovations, and as we enter a new year, many people are looking for ways to recharge and update their homes. Refined luxury interior design is set to be the trend of 2023 and beyond as more people focus on creating spaces that look stylish and provide comfort and relaxation.


While trends come and go, it will be important to invest in quality pieces that you’ll love for years to come. These pieces may include statement furniture made from leather or velvet, metallic accents such as brass lamps or mirrors for added opulence, and subtle accessories like ceramic vessels and sculptural objects to set your rooms apart from the rest. By marrying practical comfort with timeless luxury, you can achieve refined interior design without compromising on quality.

7. Wickerwork

brown wicker table and sofa

In the upcoming year and beyond, wickerwork is going to be a major statement in modern homes. Wickerwork is a centuries-old craft that is seeing a resurgence lately due to its stunning natural beauty and durability. From furniture such as chairs, tables and more to décor pieces like baskets and shelves, wickerwork can elevate any living space into something special. This ancient artistry has been crafted through generations of dedicated, skilled craftsmen and continues to remain timeless in design.


Whether you prefer the rustic charm of natural-looking wicker or you’re drawn to pieces that have been dyed with bright colours, there are endless possibilities when it comes to styling your home with wicker elements. This enduring material is bound to be one of the biggest trends seen in interior design this upcoming year and beyond.

8. Irregular shapes

As we look ahead to 2023 and beyond, embracing irregular shapes for interior design may be one of the most daring trends our industry has seen yet. Homeowners wanting to stay ahead of the curve could benefit from the stark contrast offered by using shapes that deviate from the norm. Freeform curved lines make for a visually stunning space, drawing attention from every corner and creating a captivating atmosphere.


For bolder designs, experimenting with abstract art pieces can result in an eye-catching display that is sure to set your home apart from all others. Utilising creative angles and unexpected points is a great way to push boundaries – within certain limits – when designing a room. However you choose to embrace these unique forms in interior design, it’s sure to evolve any drab environment into something entirely new and exciting.

9. Feature lighting

Table lamps are a classic way to add feature lighting to any room, and they’re making a comeback in 2023 and beyond. Whether you’re looking to brighten up a dark corner or add a touch of sophistication to your decor, a table lamp is the perfect solution. With so many designs to choose from, you can easily find one that complements your style and adds a unique flair to your space.

When incorporating table lamps into your interior design, it’s important to consider the different types of lighting they can provide. Ambient lighting creates an overall glow in a room, task lighting focuses on specific areas like desks or reading nooks, and accent lighting draws attention to key features of a space. By layering these different types of lighting with table lamps, you can create a customized and inviting atmosphere in your home.

So if you’re looking to add some feature lighting to your home, consider incorporating table lamps into your decor. With their versatility and timeless appeal, they’re sure to be a trend that lasts for years to come.

10. Wavy wood

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, wavy wood is an inspiring trend that is becoming increasingly popular. Wavy wood is a unique and stylish way to introduce character and dimension to dull walls by creating an oceanic feel of undulating waves in any space. From rustic country cabins to edgy industrial lofts, wavy wood suits any decor style you wish to create.


A combination of practicality, ease of application and great visual appeal make this warm material the ideal choice for your 2023 design project. With its timeless appeal and range of colours, styles and textures available on the market, those looking to create a modern yet relaxed ambience will be glad they chose to embrace wavy wood interior design.

11. Terracotta

In 2023 and beyond, terracotta will be popular for homeowners looking to infuse their homes with warmth and character. Derived from rustic Mediterranean architecture, terracotta interiors combine traditional style with natural elements that achieve an overall comfortable atmosphere.


Characterised as bisque-like and pale with red tone decorations, terracotta-coloured flooring and walls can light up any living space with its earthy hue. It can also be used more subtly through accessories such as pottery, lamps and cushions. With this expansive flexibility of use, it’s easy to see why terracotta is quickly becoming one of the most popular trends as we look forward to 2023 and beyond.

12. Scandinavian Interior

Scandinavian Interior design has been a popular trend for a while, but it’s set to become even more prevalent in 2023 and beyond. This style is characterized by simplicity, functionality, and the use of natural materials. Its emphasis on minimalism and functionality creates a clean and bright space that is perfect for those who love bright and airy homes.

Scandinavian interiors often incorporate neutral colors such as whites, grays, and beiges, with pops of muted pastel colors for a calming effect. The use of wood, leather, and linen adds texture and warmth to the space. It’s a style that focuses on quality over quantity, so investing in high-quality pieces that will last for years to come is key.

Overall, Scandinavian Interior design is a timeless style that is both functional and beautiful, and it’s no surprise that it continues to be a popular choice for homeowners looking to create a calm and peaceful living space.


No matter your personal style, there’s an interior design style for you that will make your house a home. And with so many to choose from, the 2023 and beyond years are sure to be full of beautiful homes that express their owners’ unique personalities. So if you’re thinking about redesigning your space, look at these 11 popular interior design styles and see which one speaks to you. Then get started on making your dream home a reality!

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