12 Indoor Planter Ideas to Upgrade Your Botanical Game

Indoor plants offer a wealth of benefits from purifying the air in our homes to bringing visual and tactile pleasure. When potted carefully, these beauties can truly transform an interior space. Whether you’re looking to add vibrant colours, interesting textures or modern shapes, there is sure to be a planter idea here that will express your personality and extend your botanical know-how! Here are twelve indoor planter ideas that are bound to upgrade any home’s green thumb game and make even the least experienced novice look like a pro.

1. Add pizzazz with a scalloped gold pot

a green plant in stainless steel pot

Indoor planters are all the rage this season, allowing you to bring colour and life into your home. For an extra beautiful touch, add a scalloped gold pot to provide a vivid detail that brings a bit of pizzazz to any space. Whether filling it with lush greenery or leaving it empty as a decorative piece, the golden scallops on this plant pot will shine through any room. Indoor plants are known for their air-purifying abilities and for bringing joy to those who care for them – so why not make them just that much more enjoyable with a little extra glitz?

2. Stick to natural colours

silver snake plant on pot


When decorating with plants, there are many advantages to using natural colours like white, green and brown. A white plant pot will not only let the beauty of the indoor planter stand out but also give off an airy and modern look for any type of room. If you prefer darker colours, you can find green or brown plant pots that will lend an organic feel to your interior décor and make it look more natural. Even a single potted plant is enough to create a pleasant atmosphere in a room – just remember to stick with natural colours if your decor is already loud.



3. Use pattern to add personality

Green and yellow Sansevieria plant whit a white background

Patterned plant pots are an easy and affordable way to bring some personality and style into the home. Indoor plants are all the rage nowadays, but patterns on a pot can make them stand out even more! Whether it’s a classic polka dot or bold stripes, using pattern not only adds character to your space but will also help you create a unique design. Pick up a few of your favourite styles for an eclectic mix, or stick with one for a simpler but still stylish aesthetic.

4. Mix and match materials

Green plants on brown clay pots

One way to express your style while still keeping your plants happy is through mix and matching materials in an indoor planter. For instance, you could fill an empty plant pot with succulents or aloe in shades of grey and stone, then jazz it up with a soft-coloured twine woven around it for contrast. This process of combining textures allows for unique effects to create interest throughout your living space. Indoor plants do not have to live in the same boring terracotta pot; make them look special by changing things up.

5. Choose wicker baskets for large plants

Green potted plant on brown wooden table

Wicker baskets provide an attractive way to pot large indoor plants, bringing a touch of nature indoors in style. The natural look of wicker helps to enhance the beauty of the plants being housed within it, adding texture and character. Wicker baskets for large plants come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so it is easy to find something that fits your specific style of decor. Plus, when properly cared for, these sturdy planters can last for years. So if you’re looking for an elegant solution to keeping large indoor plants healthy and happy – wicker baskets might be exactly what you need.

6. Use white to add contrast

To maximise the wow factor of an indoor planter, think outside the typical terracotta box and use white to add contrast to your interior. White becomes a surprisingly elegant pairing with most green plants, creating an airy backdrop that brings out the best in the greenery. Consider adding white painted or glazed pots to an existing indoor plant display; several small pots gathered together to create an attractive focal point when set against darker walls.

Alternatively, one large plant pot can stand alone as a stunning centrepiece for a room. White will enhance any plant’s natural beauty, making it ideal for displaying tall houseplants that draw the eye upward.

7. Go for stone to create texture

Incorporating stone into the design of a planter or pot for your indoor plants can be an attractive way to draw interest. The variety of textures and sizes available in natural stones can provide a unique contrast that really makes the interior space feel alive. Additionally, regular stone maintenance ensures that the stone on your pots or planters retains its natural beauty over time and remains vibrant as you enjoy it. With so much versatility in shapes and colours, with stone, you’re sure to find the perfect combination of texture and organic charm for any indoor plant look.

8. Choose concrete for an industrial look

Indoor planters are a great way to add an industrial look to any space. Whether you’re interested in a low-maintenance succulent arrangement or a lush jungle, concrete is the perfect material for creating stylish and elegant plant pots. These modern planters are not only eye-catching but they are also hardy, durable, and able to withstand outside elements better than other materials. The neutral colour makes it easy to mix and match with any colour palette while its minimalistic design ensures indoor plants will be the star of the show. With an array of styles and sizes available, you can choose concrete planters to suit any interior design preference!

9. Don’t shy away from aged terracotta

With the right decision-making, aged terracotta can be an excellent choice for an indoor planter. Indoor plants can really brighten up a room, and it doesn’t take much to create stunning focal points throughout your home. Pair the beauty of an aged terracotta with a bright and cheerful potted plant or succulent, and you have a gorgeous combination that will last through many years together. Along with their style, these pots are also quite long-lasting on their own—though they may require extra care when bringing them indoors. Indoor plants in aged terracotta add so much warmth and character to any space that it can be hard not to get addicted!

10. Add colour with pops of pink or yellow

Indoor plants are a great way to inject some freshness and life into your home. Adding touches of pink or yellow to the mix with pops of colour on a planter or plant pot can bring out the vibrancy of the space. Indoor plants and these brightly coloured accessories bring an organic beauty that can bring balance to any interior space. Plus, they make it easy to liven up even the barest of spaces.

11. Use black to stick to a minimal theme

Black is the perfect colour to keep with a minimal theme in your home; you could use black plant pots to display your favourite indoor plants andcreate a dramatic but simple look. Black represents sophistication and modernity and, when paired with indoor plants, can create a relaxing feel to any room. Black is easy to blend into any existing environment while providing an air of contemporary style, making it the perfect choice for creating a minimalistic aesthetic.

12. Pick antique pots for character

Indoor plants can add an extra level of character to any home, and there’s no better way to highlight these plants than with antique pots. Indoor planters can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but the authentic charm provided by an antique pot is unparalleled. Whether it’s a classic terracotta pot or a beautiful handmade antique clay pot, these decorations will always be in style and bring a timeless touch of class to any living space. Indoor plants can become an amazing part of any home décor if you pick the right plant pot for them!


In conclusion, plants can transform any room, be it your living space, office, or garden. A variety of plants can be chosen depending on your needs, lifestyle, and outdoor space. From air plants, and foliage plants to herb planter choices galore – the possibilities are nearly endless. However, it’s important to choose a planter type and style to match your décor. We hope that with this article you feel confident in choosing the perfect indoor planter for your home. Whether you opt for a modern concrete design, aged terracotta pot, or antique clay pot – the result will be nothing short of amazing! Good luck and happy planting!

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