How to Inject Personality into a New-Build Property

Are you looking to give your new-build property a unique look? With modern developments popping up all over, we understand the feeling of wanting something unique and personalised. Injecting personality into a plain box can feel daunting – especially if decorating is not your strong point – but don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be hard work. Here’s our guide on how you can put a stamp of individuality on any home so that it looks comfortable yet stylish with minimal effort involved.

1. Use Wallpaper or Murals

Interior design can be an intimidating process for anyone, especially when it comes to transforming a new-build property. Without the personality of older traditional homes, adding character may seem tricky. A great way to inject personality into a new-build home is with wallpaper or murals. With wallpaper, homeowners can choose from numerous textures and colours that are perfect for creating a desired atmosphere.


Murals can also be used on one wall or an entire room and are ideal for making bold statements with prints that reflect personal style. Interior design can be daunting, but with wallpaper and murals, it is possible to give any new build interior design character and life in no time!

2. Create a cohesive colour scheme in each room

Interior design is key in injecting personality into a new-build property and achieving that unique, fresh look. Establishing one cohesive colour scheme in each room is the best way to ensure consistency and style throughout the house. Depending on your taste, you can go bold with your colour choices or opt for something more subtle and neutral. You can also combine different textures and materials to further personalise your home’s interior design.


Whether you choose a warm or cool palette, remember to balance light elements against dark shades, warm tones against cool hues and light furniture with heavy furnishings. With the right touches, creating a flawless colour scheme for each room can be quite effortless!

3. Add rugs to break up the floor space

an interior with a large green rug on the floor

Interior design in a new home can often be daunting and challenging, but adding rugs to break up the floor space is a great way to inject personality into your design. Not only can rugs provide a focal point, but they also bring cosiness and comfort while providing an opportunity to introduce colour and pattern into your new-build property.


When picking out rug styles and colours, use this opportunity to show off your style and ensure the space looks like it reflects you. For those unsure where to start or want more creativity when selecting their furniture pieces, an interior designer can help you choose unique items that stand out against traditional bland fixtures.

4. Bring in texture with textiles

Interior design is important in making a new home feel cosy and comforting. One simple way to bring character into a new build property is to add texture using textiles. Upholstery, bedding, curtains, rugs and cushions can be used to create interest and depth in an otherwise ‘bare bones’ new build by introducing colour, pattern and texture.


Soft furnishings are a great way to express individual style while still keeping costs reasonably low – it’s easy enough to update these sorts of items over time as styles (and your taste) changes.

5. Grow houseplants

houseplants in white ceramic pots inside a house

Interior design is essential when making a new home feel like home. However, injecting your personality into new-build properties can be difficult. In these cases, one great solution is to grow houseplants. Houseplants work well as part of any interior design scheme and help add colour and vibrancy that can enhance the look and feel of a property. They are practical, too, as they absorb toxins in the air, improving the air quality within your home.


Growing indoor plants also gives you something to nurture and take pride in, transforming a sterile new build into an amazing place that feels like your own. Interior designing doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming – use houseplants to inject personality into your new-build property!

6. Display personal photographs

Interior design is an important part of a home, regardless of the age of the building. For those who have just moved into a new build property, the starkness of plain walls and unfamiliar space can make your new home feel impersonal. To make it truly yours, try injecting personality throughout the house using sentimental photographs of you and your family.


Most importantly, displaying personal photographs on shelves and walls is a great way to make a new build property feel warm, familiar, and inviting. It also allows you to share precious memories with people around you without needing to speak. Interior design shouldn’t be hard when you bring in meaningful elements from your life – a photograph display will benefit both the physical environment and emotional well-being.

7. Cover the walls with art and decorations

a white wall covered with art pieces

Interior design can be an intimidating prospect for new-build homes. However, you can easily inject personality into your new home by taking a few creative steps. One of the best ways to do this is by covering the walls with art and decorations.


Not only does this extend an individual statement across the entire interior aesthetic, but it can also help inspire additional ideas for other parts of the property’s interior design that you may wish to personalise further. Interior design is about style and personality; the right artwork or decoration can make a stylish household much more special!

8. Create layers with floating shelves

Interior design can be a great way to inject life into your new-build home, and floating shelves are an effective way of doing this without taking up too much room. By creating a few staggering layers with floating shelves, you can cleverly display items in the most stylish manner possible, allowing the room’s entire design to flow harmoniously.


You can also play around with different colours of paint and shelf materials to further personalise the look of your living space, ensuring that it fits in with the rest of your decor. With the right creativity and technique, floating shelves can turn any sterile new-build interior into an inviting home full of elegant features.

9. Source vintage furnishings and accessories for a worn-in look

Interior design is often considered a hurdle to jump over when making a new build home your own. But with some clever inclusions, you can add character to any new property and create a unique living space. One way to achieve this is to source vintage furnishings or accessories; an old treasure can often transform an otherwise bare or generic interior into something extraordinary.

Whether you choose one statement piece or build up an entire collection, it’s easy to blend a variety of eras and styles through these timeless pieces. With a bit of hunting around stores or in local sales, you will find that vintage finds look great and pack a lot of character into small parcels – giving your home that sense of worn-in charm and comfort.

10. Add statement lighting

Interior design is an incredible way of expressing personality in any living space, and it’s especially important if you’re looking to fill a new-build property with character. Statement lighting is one way to achieve this; from elaborate ceiling fixtures to unique sconces, adding statement lighting will instantly add uniqueness and flair.

Interior designers consider each room carefully when recommending statement lighting for new home builds, ensuring that the tone of each space is set precisely for the family or individual living there. With the right statement lighting in place, a new build property quickly becomes a true reflection of its owners’ tastes – comfortable and inviting, not just somewhere to live.

11. Dress your windows

a wide open window with curtains

One great way to bring personality to a new-build interior design project is to get creative with your window dressings. From your fabric choices to the hardware you select, window treatments are the perfect opportunity to inject colour, texture and pattern into space – making it your own. Why not mix and match different styles for contrast if you’re brave? Whatever your design aspirations for your new home might be, expressive windows are sure to be the focal points that make it feel like home.

12. Make the entranceway a priority

Interior design is a crucial element when it comes to making a new build home feel welcoming and personal. Giving the entranceway of the new home attention is an effective way to inject personality into the property. Interior design options range from something as simple as statement art pieces on the walls, plush rugs, fancy door knockers and aesthetically pleasing potted plants to seating options such as benches or a classic coat rack that will make visitors feel welcome in your new space.

With thoughtful interior design decisions, your entranceway can set off the initial impression that guests have upon visiting your beautiful new home.

13. Improve your garden with furniture (or a hot tub!)

Creating a comfortable outdoor space is one of the most effective ways to make your new build home feel like it’s your own. Adding furniture pieces such as garden benches, hammocks and chairs can transform the exterior of the property in no time at all – and complement your interior design choices too.


A round hot tub from Celtic Spas is an excellent way to take your new home up a notch. Not only does it provide a luxurious and relaxing space for you and your guests, but it also adds instant value to the property. With their modern design and sleek lines, they fit perfectly into most landscaping plans. The heated water is perfect for relieving stress and tension while offering calming views of your surrounding environment. Moreover, the added privacy makes them great for spending quality time with family or friends.


So there you have it, some top tips on how to inject personality into a new-build property. By following these simple steps, you can create a warm, welcoming home that is true to your own individual style. Do you have other ideas on adding personality to a new build? Let us know in the comments below!

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