An Ode to Wooden Floors (+ Our Essential Styling Guide)

If you’ve followed the latest trends and developments in interior design, you’ll know that wooden floors are among the most popular flooring choices. From rustic farmhouse cabins to modern city lofts, this timeless material has graced so many homes worldwide over time – bringing warmth, comfort and a hint of classic charm into each space it inhabits.

What’s more, there are endless ways to style beautiful wood floors, too. Whether you’re looking for a way to upgrade your home’s interior or creative ideas for displaying your newly-installed wood floors, our guide today from the door and flooring experts at Doors2Floors will discuss all the tips and tricks you need.

Why we love wooden floors

bedroom interior with wooden floor and vases

Wooden floors bring such profound beauty to interior design. Whether a traditional hardwood, patterned wooden plank, or smooth wooden laminate, wooden flooring instantly brings instant character and atmosphere to any home. We love wooden floors because they provide irreplaceable warmth that can’t be found with any other type of flooring.

Sustainable materials like bamboo, cork, or reclaimed wood flooring can bring the same beauty and character to interior design as traditional hardwoods. Not only do these materials offer the same warmth and natural feel as wooden floors, but they are also eco-friendly and sustainable, making them a great choice for those who want to make environmentally conscious choices in their homes. With a range of styles and patterns available, sustainable flooring options can be used to create unique and visually stunning spaces while minimizing environmental impact. Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern feel, sustainable flooring is a fantastic choice for any home.

No matter the style or furniture brought into the space, wooden floors will always bring harmony, add timelessness and create a natural feel. Wooden flooring gives off a sense of quality that endures beyond trends because of its inviting texture and exquisite ageing gracefully as years pass by. Not to mention wooden flooring makes for epic background textures in photos! All and unparalleled love truly wooden floors in their classic appeal, which is why we adore them so much.

Different types of wooden floor

Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring consists of blocks of wood arranged in intricate patterns or shapes that create a visually striking effect. It can be made from different kinds of wood, such as walnut, cherry, mahogany, and oak. Its unique design makes it perfect for those who want to add a touch of sophistication to their home without breaking the bank; parquet is usually cheaper than other hardwood flooring options. Additionally, the parquet requires very little maintenance; just sweep and mop regularly to keep it looking its best! 

Oak Flooring

Oak is one of the toughest woods available on the market today, making it extremely durable and long-lasting. Oak is also one of the most popular choices for wooden flooring because it has a timeless beauty that never goes out of style; its classic look adds warmth and character to any room in your home. The only downside is that oak can be more expensive than other types of wood due to its popularity and sturdiness.

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is another great option if you’re looking for something that doesn’t require too much maintenance but still looks stylish. Tile comes in all sorts of colours, shapes, and sizes, so you’ll have plenty of choices when selecting a style that fits your home décor perfectly! Plus, tiles are waterproof, which makes them ideal for areas with high humidity, like bathrooms or kitchens. The downside is that tile can be cold underfoot, so you may need to invest in some rugs if you want extra comfort.

How to style wooden floors

Wooden floors are becoming increasingly popular in interior design, and for good reason! Not only can wooden flooring create a perfect base layer for decor, but it is also durable and easy to maintain. To get the most out of wooden floors, take the time to style them properly. Create a unified look by choosing wooden flooring that matches or complements your other décor; wooden floors with a high sheen will give off a bright and airy vibe, while those with a low sheen provide a more rustic feel.


You can also add a unique flair by layering rugs or other wooden pieces to mix things up! If you want to go even further, think about staining or waxing your wooden floors for extra visual texture. In whatever way you choose, styling wooden floors will add warmth and elegance to any room.

With mid-century furniture

a view of a modern interior with mid-century furniture

Crafting beautiful wooden floors can be tricky. It takes patience, attention to detail, and a great eye for interior design. The main piece of advice is to pick the right wood for your situation to pull off a tasteful mid-century look with wooden flooring. Darker tones for the wooden floors will contrast nicely with the wooden furniture and create interesting layered textures – look out for mahogany, oak or walnut flooring if you want to add a certain “je ne sais quoi” flair.

Next up, don’t be afraid to mix styles: wooden pieces together with brass elements can help old-time bridge charm with modern vibes. Finally, opt for a monochrome palette: whites against blacks will last longer than any colours you could choose now!

Grey wooden flooring

a bedroom with grey walls and grey wooden floor

Grey wooden flooring brings a unique, calming aesthetic to any interior design. Whether it be a living room or bedroom, wooden floors lend an air of sophistication that can’t easily be replicated. Styling wooden flooring ensures your design flows and compliments the wooden base.

Adding carpets over wooden floors allows you to create contrast, while rugs with colours close to the wooden colour will seamlessly blend them into the design. Using different shades of grey on walls will bring out the full range of colours in the wooden flooring. No matter what look you go for, styling grey wooden floors add a special touch that your guests will love.

Dark wood floors

elegant table lamp placed on a wooden cabinet

Dark wooden floors have a timeless and classic quality that can bring warmth to any interior design. It’s important to consider the design of the wooden flooring to maximise its potential beauty. Staining wooden floors with dark finishes or painting them in shades of brown, black, or even red brings out patterns in the wood grain that adds texture and dimensions to the space.


You can use area rugs for added comfort underfoot as well as add some colour and pattern into the room normally occupied by wooden floors. Finishing wooden floors with wax or oil enhance natural tones and help resist scratching, water spills and foot traffic by sealing off dirt particles that could seep into the subflooring. With these simple decorating tips, dark wooden floors can become a stunning focal point worthy of the highest praise!

Parquet flooring

a sitting room arrangement with parquet flooring

Parquet flooring is an eye-catching wooden flooring style that can transform a space. Whether you’re giving your home an interior design overhaul or the existing wooden floors need replacing, parquet flooring can bring a classic yet on-trend feel to any area. While installation requires complex carpentry and fitting, once all the pieces have been cut and laid in the desired pattern, your wooden floors will be transformed into something truly unique.


There are plenty of options for parquet flooring, from herringbone designs to geometric patterns. Whether you choose rich wooden tones or vibrant paint shades, there will be countless choices to express your interior design flair with this stylish wooden flooring solution.

Pair with exposed brick walls

modern living room interior with exposed brick walls and shiny lamps

Wood floors are timeless staples in interior design, bringing considerable charm and warmth to any space. However, wooden floors present the perfect opportunity to take your decor to the next level – paired with exposed brick walls. Exposed brick has become increasingly popular lately, offering both a rustic charm and rugged texture to complete a room’s overall look.


Combining wooden flooring with brick walls is an excellent way to combine rustic and contemporary elements into one harmonious space. No matter what type of wooden flooring or brick style you choose, this combination will bring a unique appeal to your design aesthetic and add life and character to your home or office that no other material can replicate.

With a wood plank ceiling

modern apartment with glass doors and wood plank ceiling

Adding wooden floors and a wood plank ceiling to your interior design is easy to make any room warm and inviting. Wooden flooring adds depth and comfort to any space, while the wood plank ceiling is an eye-catching statement piece. It’s effortless to create a balanced atmosphere in your home when you combine wooden floors with wooden ceilings that combine nature’s natural elements with modern interior design.


To get the most out of your wooden flooring, consider adding different colours or layering different shapes of wooden planks for a unique look. With careful styling, wooden floors and a wooden ceiling can be just the look you need to transform your home into a beautiful and cosy space.

With white walls and cabinetry

an interior of a kitchen with white cabinets and white walls

Wooden floors offer an ideal interior design supplement to white walls and cabinetry. Using wood flooring for a classic wooden look is easy to bring more natural colours and textures into your space. When styling wooden floors with white walls and cabinetry, it is important to consider accessories that will tie the whole look together. Think of using area rugs in accent colours to draw attention to the wooden floor while still keeping with the serene aesthetic.


Adding wooden elements, such as cabinets or furniture with wooden legs, can also add balance to the overall design while helping warm up the space. Ultimately, wooden floors can make any room feel cosy and inviting while giving you plenty of options for styling it according to your personal style.


We love wooden floors for their charm, durability, and endless styling potential. And we hope this guide has given you some inspiration to style your space with hardwood floors. Whether you go for a rustic look or something more modern, remember to keep your furniture light to avoid damaging the floor and have fun mixing and matching different wood tones and textures.

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